Curriculum Vitae


Philip Murray Trinham

Age: 54 (16/04/1964)
Occupation: Analyst/Consultant - Software Change Management


Academic Qualifications

Year 11 High School
Carpentry & Joinery
Associate Diploma in Computing

Basic education ended with year 11 at the Eltham Christian School in 1981. My close association to the administrators of that school also led me to later teach Computer Awareness there for one year (1985).

Leaving school, I commenced an apprenticeship in Carpentry and Joinery; beginning the indenture with a fellow named John Watts and completing it with my father, Chris Trinham. After completing the apprenticeship, my father and I continued on a further two years before mutually parting ways to seek more consistent employment. (The building industry can be very up and down for small players.)

Immediately after completion of my Apprenticeship in 1986 I sought and was accepted as an external student at Monash University - Gippsland Campus (then the Gippsland Institute of Advanced Education) enrolled in their Associate Diploma of Applied Science (Computing) course. This was a two year course in which I was externally enrolled. Together with work pressures at the time, I completed the course after eight years; in 1993. It was a rewarding time and gave much general insight.


Professional Experience

Software Change Management
Software Deployment Automation
Development Support

In 1988 I gained employment at ANZ Banking Group on a project to migrate their Corporate and Commercial systems from Honeywell to an IBM Mainframe based Hogan system. I found that my hobbyist experiences were of more value on entry to this realm than the academic studies that were by then half completed.

My work has always been bent towards Software Change Management, including hand coding of Install/Backout JCL, Hogan Change Control/Release Control systems management (not in recent years), Management of CA-CMF, Construction/maintenance of in-house deployment management tools, and latterly architecture and implementation of CA-Endevor.

Almost all areas involved in Software Change Management have been covered, including ITIL, Source management, Environment generation, Migration control, Production installation, Security/Audit provision, Standards enforcement, User support, and Process conversion. The only related areas missing in my experience are Test cycle management, and Team Leadership. Skills picked up along the way include mainframe programming with JCL, ISPF, ACF2, CA7, REXX, Easytrieve+. Other skills include development/user support, documentation, and one-to-one training. Skills avoided along the way include COBOL and public speaking.


Personal Interests

Linux/Windows Networking
Reading in Science & Technology
Four Wheel Driving
Sound Engineering

Computers have become synonymous with blood since the early Eighties. While I work with mainframes, I play with PCs. Before the days of Windows I did a lot of programming. From 1998 I took an interest in Networking and Linux. More recently my interests have returned to space science in terms of new space companies and the potential for human Mars exploration. I currently curate the wiki for where forum members find science and press article.

Apart from college days, and a brief encounter with Unix/Oracle at work, my Unix experience was centred on building my own network. It consisted of Windows workstations connected to a Linux server which was in turn connected to the Internet via a Linux firewall with an always-on phone line, all built and configured by me. More recently, NAS servers and externally hosted internet sites have replaced my local build.

Four Wheel Driving has given a lot of pleasure over the last 15 years, having visited most of Australia. I briefly took up paragliding before a serious injury kept me out of the sky. I am also involved with our local Church including its own internet site and also sound engineering. I built and operate the Church sound re-enforcement and audiovisual systems.


Character and Personality

Christian Values
Quiet and Studious

I am trustworthy and considerate. I am quiet by nature, and respectful of others opinions and needs. I am capable of teaching on a one to one basis, but am rather troubled if asked to lead a group. I tend to prefer working alone and am self motivated.

I enjoy solving problems and understanding how things work. I have noticed in recent years that my brain has always run a little slower than for most people, but that it is capable of maintaining a relatively broader perspective of requirements, details, and opportunities.



Staying with Software Change Management
Broader Mainframe Experience

I presently consider myself to be a Systems Analyst / Consultant and look forward to continuing in that role. I do not intend to move into management, preferring to remain technical. My experience is extensive in the Mainframe Development Support realm. I have fleeting commercial experience in other platforms.

As the mainframe arena contracts, i look forward to picking up other technical aspects of mainframe support over my remaining ten years.