The Trinham Name

Descendants of John Trinham , alias John Trenholm

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The Pioneer Australian Family


The extended family of John and Eliza Trinham, at their home at Upper Beaconsfield probably at the marriage of their eldest daughter Amelia to John Hooker Atkins in 1906. By talking to the older generation then still alive, but now gone (Edna, Dulcie and Ann Trinham), and genealogical records, the persons have been identified as follows:


Back Row: Emma Ludlow (Tom’s wife), Jack Atkins, the groom and Amelia (Milly) Trinham, the bride, Jack Knapton and his wife Eliza (Lyla) Trinham, John George Trinham Jnr, the eldest son, known to our Dad as Uncle Jack. He has the pyramid hair, Mary Jane Trinham (Polly) wife of Will Scott who is standing next to her. Les Knapton on the end is eldest son of Jack and Lyla.


Centre Row: leaning on grandpa is Ellen Knapton (Nell) b. 1895, John George Senior and his wife Eliza Perry the migrants, Will Knapton second son of Lyla and Jack who died in France W W I. An unidentified woman; is she a bridesmaid or matron of honour? Thomas Perry Trinham with Reg Trinham (my Dad) on his knee b 1903 age 3½.


Front Row: Mary Jane Martin, wife of Uncle Jack with her two children on her knee, John George Trinham 3rd. (Jack jnr) having a cry and Ann looking down the row, mostly hidden, Allen Knapton b. 1898, Vera Knapton b. 1891, Ellen Mary Trinham b. 1901 eldest Daughter of John George Trinham Jnr and Mary Jane Martin, Ethel Knapton (Effie) b. 1897 Age 10 , Ray Trinham b.1901, Age 6.

This project began from of a desire to see if the folk stories I had heard of our family history were true. I found that, as usual there was a mix of a little fact and much fancy. As far as I can tell, this is about as close as I can get. There are some inconsistencies and most probably many errors. If you find any, please write to me and give me your reasons. There is undoubtedly much, much more locked away in archives, just waiting for someone who has the time and interest to dig it out. This listing is intended for interested members of the family. Others are most welcome to browse. Minimally Revised, October 2010. Chris Trinham.

First read these notes.


1.           This document is in the form of a work book which is in the process of constant revision. Not all of it has been verified and there is often no indication of that which has and which has not. It has been a casual and growing interest and in the early stages I did not record the sources, which I regret. Much of the background information has been derived from the work of others and the accuracy of these works depend on integrity of their sources and processes. Any reader who finds any entry of value is advised to check out the information for themselves. If you feel the urge to copy any of my research, please take the time to get it right. There are incorrect copies and adaptations of my own research out there.

2.           There is no known reference to any living person in these pages. If you should find this to not be the case, please email me and the error will be corrected. We wish to preserve the privacy of all.

3.           This genealogy follows the Trinham name. To find more about the Female Lines or other items of interest, click on the underlined name. To return to where you were, you can often just click on it in the second document, or on ‘back’. You may click on Back to Contents and you will be returned to the main Contents listing.

4.           In the pages read, b. as born, c. as christened or baptised, C as Circa, d. as died, m. as married, m1 as first, m2 as second, = as spouse of, Est. as estimated.

5.           It is in Collapsed Format so there is no unique ID numbering for people in the tree. The numbers 1 to 6 nearest the left margin are generations, beginning with each known household head as ‘1'. Happy Hunting.


The main Genealogy is The Trinham Family and traces it to its name roots. The other chapters are the genealogy of the female lines and chapters of special interest.

The Trinham Family

Edmund Barfield

William Downton

Benjamin Elmy

Richard Ford

Samuel Gittens

Richard Huse

Jeremiah Jasper

John Trunham and Elizabeth Key

Samuel King

Thomas Ludlow

William Matthews

Thomas Page

John Perry

Nathaniel Saunders

Nathaniel Sparrow

The Trenholm Connection

John Trenholm

Henry White

Migration of John Trinham and Mary Davey to Australia

James Samuel Trinham

Thomas William Trinham

Avening Families

The Trinham Name